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    Over the last 15 years of providing digital application services to an array of customers, MitoTec’s™ engineers have witnessed a vast potential of cloud based technologies to improve productivity with both IT operations and the organization at large. Recent trends within MitoTec’s™ core partners from small to enterprise grade customer has shown that both employees and employers require access to an organization’s existing investment in applications, digital business systems, collaboration platforms, and development environments anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

    As operations become less about a place and more about a state of being, organizations face the challenge of helping entire teams be productive. Especially when team members are geographically dispersed.

    MitoTec™, in conjunction with key partners such as Microsoft, have developed a single source subscription based IT platform offering that leverages communication and cloud based technologies to reduce the complexity of moving organizations a way from legacy systems to a flexible cloud based service to provide a single integrated solution that addresses unification, flexibility, integration, mobile optimization, and innovation.

    MitoCloud™: A Unified Communications Platform

    The MitoCloud™ platform provides an organization with a single source IT solution that utilizes MitoTec’s™ technical engineers’ experience and unparalleled knowledge base to design, build, and support a one-of-a-kind offering. MitoCloud™ provides cloud computing services to promote mobility of employees, enhance IP based communications within day- to-day operations, and lowers the cost of running a traditional capital-intensive IT infrastructure while using the scalability of the cloud to securely connect and backup a business’s data.

    Benefits of MitoTec’s™ MitoCloud™:

    Reduced Downtime:

    Businesses in today’s corporate climate do not have the time for long outages over multiple platforms. Long periods of downtime have a negative effect on a company’s bottom line which equates to a reduction of productivity. MitoTec’s™ MitoCloud™ platform provides a single based relationship and management of all connectivity with a standardization of infrastructure. MitoTec™ has determined that long periods of time are spent coordinating outages with carriers and additional IT assets that strains the operations of a customer. In response MitoTec™ has taken on ownership of carrier connections for a majority of its customers that has reduced SLAs on downtime and provide proactive instead of reactive support. Single source support and point of contact paired with standardization of a company’s infrastructure allows the experienced engineers of MitoTec™ to troubleshoot and quickly respond to any intermittent connectivity. This allows a business to be back up and running in a reduced amount of time to get back to its day-to-day operations.

    Cost Efficient:

    A combination of business pressure and the benefits of adopting cloud computing services has allowed organizations to explore consuming desktops and enabling applications from the cloud. MitoTec’s™ MitoCloud™ subscription based platform improves ROI and allows organizations to deliver services without increasing the total cost of traditional IT infrastructure. The MitoCloud™ service reduces operational expenditures of infrastructure maintenance, hardware, software, and upgrades. MitoCloud’s cloud based subscription upgrades reduce the IT department’s time and budget stress by allowing the MitoTec™ staff to perform day-to-day operational tasks of an organization’s IT department, allowing them to focus on business-driving applications.

    MitoTec’s™ partners benefit from a single source vendor relationship so organizations spend less time on capital and operating expenditures and more time on important business responsibilities. Reduction of down time and improved reliability of IT operations allows our partners to focus on collaboration and communication productivity to grow effectively and efficiently in today’s fast paced corporate climate.

    Scalability and Flexibility:

    With on-premise communications expanding a company’s infrastructure or realigning a network requires time and effort which decreases productivity. MitoTec’s™ MitoCloud™ provides the flexibility to dynamically change its infrastructure in conjunction with the growth of the business. With the adaptation of cloud-based services IT organizations can confidently and swiftly deliver a productive environment for users without the cumbersome task of manually configuring a desktop asset. Capacity can be scaled up as needed and scaled back down at the same speed.

    To maximize productivity and minimize administrative costs, MitoTec™ provides a platform to manage all communication and collaborations from a single interface. With the use of a MitoTec™ provisioned active directory deployment, speed of setting up new users, upgrades, and user permissions is easily implemented, and can be sped up to handle the rapid growth and dependability of an organization’s need for its digital applications.

    Resources can be easily accessed from any devices via single sign on permissions.

    Security and Disaster Recovery:

    When a business is choosing a modern delivery model for its day-to-day operations, data security and integrity are major concerns. Contrary to common belief cloud-based solutions are typically more secure than on-premise solutions. Organizations can’t afford to deploy and manage world-class security solutions in on-premise set ups. However, cloud providers such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft do provide these security solutions. Because of the size of the data being obtained, a security event targeted to a specific client is unlikely.

    During day-to-day business operations, MitoTec ™ must adhere to stringent government regulations and must comply with strict PCI regulations. Additionally, MitoTec™ must also adhere to vendor-based audits and certifications.

    MitoCloud™ brings all of these features together, centralizing security, antivirus protection, and disaster recovery in one.

    • Centralized group of servers provide hardware and software based firewalls and intrusion protection systems. Additional set of servers provide regular security updates and patches to all client’s systems.
    • MitoTec’s™ MitoCloud™ provides backup and disaster recovery protection via replication across its multiple data centers. Individual servers and/or VMs can be swiftly restored using MitoTec’s™ image protection services.

    Cloud based- Microsoft Office 365:

    MitoTec’s™ MitoCloud™ platform reduces mobility restrictions, which means that end users can access business resources from any location at any time and from any device. The use of a cloud-based platform in partnership with Microsoft Office 365 unifies business procedures across the infrastructure making it easy for a business to collaborate within and outside the organization. Most importantly, MitoCloud™ reduces hardware and software investment costs, and streamlines operational expenses for a better ROI.

    MitoCloud’s™ integration with Microsoft Office 365 specific features and functionality provides an organization’s employees with the tools needed to exchange information and ideas globally, easily, and effectively. Applications such as One Drive and Skype allow for a universal communication of real time data to be shared based on the permissions given to a single or multi-users role. Real business collaboration can improve productivity, enhance customer service, get better products to the market faster, and engage employees.

    IP Based Communications:

    MitoTec’s™ mature VoIP platform offering is scalable via the MitoCloud™ solution. Applications and integrations like Screen POP abilities will allow for a single user interface that will engage real time ERP and CRM software on inbound and outbound calls. Key partnerships allow employees the flexibility of additional communication via any device at any time that is connected to the internet to promote communication from a single telephony interface.


    MitoCloud™ reduces mobility restrictions which means that end users can access business resources from any location, at any time, and from any device. Cloud computing technology has changed the face of business by removing the limitations on computing. MitoCloud™, paired with the experience of MitoTec’s™ technical staff, provides our partners with a better business ecosystem, that enhances overall collaboration and communication of an organization at large. A single source IT platform provides a subscription based service that reduces a company’s overall cost of ownership of IT infrastructure to allow a company to grow within the rapid climate of today’s economy.

    Major Services Include:
    • Centralized group of servers provide hardware and software based firewalls and intrusion protection systems. Additional set of servers provide regular security updates and patches to all client’s systems.
    • MitoTec’s™ MitoCloud™ provides backup and disaster recovery protection via replication across its multiple data centers. Individual servers and /or VMs can be swiftly restored using MitoTec’s image protection services.
    • IP Telephony Services
    • IP Bandwidth Services
    • Business Continuity Services
    • Enhanced Scalability and Mobility

    Optional Services Include:
    • Call Center Integration
    • Wireless Infrastructure
    • Advanced Mobile IP based communication
    • Benefits of MitoSat quick deploy connectivity

    Major Features and Benefits Include:
    • 24/7/365 Technical Support and Network Monitoring
    • Enhanced communications platform
    • Regular Maintenance and upkeep of the systems
    • Enhanced Security per user base
    • Enhanced Performance, Efficiency, and Availability of Resources and Applications
    • Enhanced Backups at Image Level and File Level
    • Systems kept up to date with latest Office, Spam Protection, Anti-Virus, and Email Applications
    • Consistent yearly IT budgeting
    • Elimination of the need for on-staff IT personnel or assigning IT duties to non-IT personnel
    • Elimination of reoccurring software and hardware costs
    • Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility




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MitoTec™ offers a single solution for replacing your IT department. Save money, avoid time consuming setup, and revolutionize your office with MitoCloud™, our proprietary Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution. MitoTec™ is part of the ConVergence Technologies Family of companies founded in 1995.