• MitoTec™ Professional Services

    In our professional Services and Consulting Division, we focus on the delivery of technical solutions necessary to design and build communications infrastructure projects. Our capabilities support a wide range of technologies for rapid information transport including broadband and wireless communications. Our clients seek our compliance solutions for PCI to Tax Ratings and other regulatory filings and remittance. Additional service offerings include IT consulting, design, program management, construction management, and operations and maintenance services.

    Our service offerings in communications are focused on the following project areas:

    • Network Feasibility Projects:  Our experience includes feasibility and remote site selection studies, cost-benefit modeling and market assessments. We also assist our clients with technical requirements definition, sensitivity/risk analysis and key economic projections.
    • Network Planning Projects:  We specialize in network planning, including short-term and long-term network configuration and development planning. We develop outside plant designs and regulatory compliance assessment and support efforts. Additionally, we can assist in employment analysis, staffing, logistics, planning, and materials provisioning and management.
    • Network Engineering Projects:  We provide a full range of onsite and off-site premises engineering and support services for projects. Our experience includes digital evaluation and terrain modeling, and site acquisition for wireless and broadband networks. Our capabilities include radio frequency engineering for wireless networks and for fiber optic, coaxial cable, and hybrid coaxial fiber networks.
    • Network Development Projects:  We have performed both inside and outside plant projects for major network service providers and building owners using both broadband and wireless technologies. Our construction projects include urban, aerial, and underground cable installation as well as cell tower construction.
    • Network Operations Projects:  MitoTec’s™ Digital platform of Services can be offered in a range of models from Retail to Wholesale or a Hybrid however it best fits the developments goals.
    • Network Maintenance Projects:  We provide maintenance services, primarily on broadband networks, that are necessary to keep our clients' networks operating.




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MitoTec™ offers a single solution for replacing your IT department. Save money, avoid time consuming setup, and revolutionize your office with MitoCloud™, our proprietary Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution. MitoTec™ is part of the ConVergence Technologies Family of companies founded in 1995.