Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the Operational & Financial lives of our clients by providing unsurpassed information technology consulting and our clients’ implementation of our proprietary MitoCloud™ - Unified Communication-As-A Service” platform (UCaaS).




  • Who We Are

    MitoTec™ LLC™, provides networking and computer infrastructure design, implementation and management services throughout North America, and is the developer of the MitoTec™ Business Technology Platform known as MitoCloud™.

    MitoCloud™ provides 100% of the technology and communication needs for any business. The platform is provided at a per-user/per month fee and includes internet access, all desktop and laptop computers, including licensing fees for Microsoft operating systems, Office applications, business class phone service, server and network infrastructure, back-up and disaster recovery, 24/7/365 support and the ability to access your data from anywhere on earth with an internet connection. View your desktop from your cell phone, IPad or tablet. Confidently enjoy unmatched availability of your business applications and data with the highest levels of access and security.

    MitoTec™ also provides traditional computing, datacenter and networking services, or with the MitoCloud™, all of the IT infrastructure and services you need to operate your business on a fixed per user/per month cost basis. MitoTec™ is the only way to operate your business with a fixed, scalable and guaranteed annual cost for all of your business’s IT and communication needs. There is a better way, and MitoTec™ is the solution.

    MitoTec™ LLC is a member of the ConVergence Technologies, Inc. family of Companies. ConVergence Technologies, Inc., founded in 1995, is the parent company of MitoTec™ LLC, CTIconnect LLC and IPpay LLC.

    Mitotec™ offers the following Solutions/Service Offerings:

    • Network Infrastructure Design Implementation and Maintenance
    • Computer and Networking Hardware and Software
    • IT Consulting
    • MitoTec™ Business Technology Platform
    • MitoTec™ Nationwide High-Speed Private Internet Access
    • Real Choice IP TV
    • ViaSat High Speed internet Access




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  • Why MitoTec™?

    Mitotec™ offers Longevity, Technical Expertise and Industry Leadership with a host of services including wireless and cloud computing, with unparalleled synergy offered by its sister companies. Mitotec™ is part of the ConVergence Family of Companies, founded in 1995. Convergence Technologies, Inc.™ is the parent company of MitoTec™ LLC, CTIconnect and IPPay LLC. www.convergencetec.com

    • Industry and Technological Excellence
    • Trained and Certified Professionals
    • Innovative and Flexible Solutions
    • Reliable and Consistent Service Options
    • Unmatched Scalability
    • Simplified IT with Low Cost Annual IT Costs

Family of Companies

In 2017, ConVergence Technologies, Inc. organized its business units into three wholly owned subsidiaries of ConVergence Technologies, Inc.: IPpay LLC, MitoTec™ LLC and CTIconnect LLC.

The ConVergence family of companies continues to offer solutions for credit card processing, financial services, wholesale high speed internet access, wholesale voice services, IPTV, regulatory compliance solutions, networking infrastructure, data center services including hosting, remote back-up, co-location and disaster recovery, distribution of computer networking hardware and software, and leading industry energy services.

ConVergence Technologies provides Administrative services and oversight for the individual LLC’s, providing “C” level leadership in accounting, business development, cloud based enterprise resource planning, engineering, management, marketing, payroll and supply chain operation. ConVergence offers these services for its family of companies, as well as other entities seeking a proven track record for growth and profitability via our experienced executive team.

ConVergence Technologies welcomes the opportunity to discuss your company. If your business is seeking elevated revenue growth and an experienced executive team, perhaps you may be interested in discussing your company joining our Family of Companies. Please contact us through the online contact form.

ConVergence Technologies, Inc. has been providing administrative and management support services to multiple business units since 1995. Over that period, ConVergence has developed answers to clients’ and industry needs. Those solutions have redefined execution of credit card processing, technology, distribution and communications needs for businesses

CTIconnect LLC is the premier distributor of fixed wireless, telecommunications, network infrastructure and computer systems for Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), Cable Operators, Telephone Companies, Utilities, Government, Enterprise, Transportation and Industrial Networks in North America.                       

IPpay LLC is a global electronic payments processor and provider of multiple merchant services. IPpay is a leading “Card-not-Present” credit card processor in North America and provides merchant processing, leasing and lending services. IPpay was founded to solve Card-Not-Present issues for recurring payment processing.

iNetCapital™ principals have been industry leaders from the beginning, and the preferred lender to the WISP market since 2005. Our knowledge of building and growing early stage WISP’s and ISP’s with recurring revenue and intensive capital needs makes us your logical financial partner.                       

About Us:

MitoTec™ offers a single solution for replacing your IT department. Save money, avoid time consuming setup, and revolutionize your office with MitoCloud™, our proprietary Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution. MitoTec™ is part of the ConVergence Technologies Family of companies founded in 1995.