• MitoTec™ MitoWan

    WAN is a wide area network that usually connects more than one local area network (LAN) within a geographical area.

    The MitoTec™ MitoWan solution provides design and implementation guidance for organizations looking to deploy WAN transport with a transport-independent design (TID), intelligent path control, application optimization, and secure encrypted communications between branch locations while reducing the operating cost of the WAN. MitoWan takes full advantage of cost-effective transport services in order to increase bandwidth capacity without compromising performance, reliability, or security of collaboration or cloud-based applications.

    Benefits of MitoWan

    • Allows us to connect your business locations throughout the region, country or world through a secure, high-performance private network.
    • Scalability- As your business grows and bandwidth needs increase, we provide scalability and rapid response.
    • Speed and affordability.
    • Faster speeds and higher capabilities.
    • Smarter, secure connecting
    • Allows branch locations/offices to have the same capabilities as headquarters.
    • Enhanced communication, remote online training opportunities.




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MitoTec™ offers a single solution for replacing your IT department. Save money, avoid time consuming setup, and revolutionize your office with MitoCloud™, our proprietary Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution. MitoTec™ is part of the ConVergence Technologies Family of companies founded in 1995.