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Satellite Broadband Service

Reach all customers in your area — regardless of range, topography
or other circumstances.

Service Every Customer, Every Time With Satellite Broadband

Exclusive Satellite Broadband

We’re an exclusive wholesale distributor of Viasat™ and its premier satellite-broadband services. MitoSat is our turnkey, white-labeled, high-speed, satellite-broadband service designed for operators serving commercial and residential customers.

  • Serve Your Unservicables
  • Increase Your Revenue Opportunities
  • Increase Service, Speeds and Customer Satisfaction
  • Customize Packages for Subscribers

You set your own pricing, maintain control of the billing and bundle MitoSat with other services in your catalog.

You can also offer MitoSat as a superior business-continuity service to commercial clients (even in urban areas), so when their terrestrial service fails, they stay online.

Connect Customers Anywhere
  • Acquire Customers in Unserved Area

  • Increase Revenue & Profits

  • 100 Mbps with No Data Caps

  • Easy Installation

  • White Label – Build Your Brand

  • Easy Installation

  • Set Your Own Prices

  • No Minimum Term Commitment

  • Never Lose Customers to LOS Issues

  • Single Sign-On to Support Portal

  • 24x7x365 NOC Support Services
  • Retain Ownership of Customer

Partner with Our Dedicated Team of Experts

Make a real difference in the lives of your consumers, particularly those who were previously unreachable.